The Agency Audit Research Series

Building the Unbeatable Agency

The Keys to Conquering Marketing Agency Challenges

What you’ll Learn

Marketing agency leadership is no picnic. Agency leaders are faced with severe challenges that threaten their very survival.

Our 2022 study of agency leaders explores the challenges they're struggling with, how different types of leaders think about their agency and its ability to be resilient, and how agencies are successfully navigating these challenges.

Executive Summary

Download the Executive Summary sharing the results of the research as well as our perspective and advice for agencies.

webinar Recording

Walk through the data with Susan and Drew as we discuss interesting tidbits and important implications of the research.

data visualization

Explore the full data visualization for yourself, and view the results based on multiple aspects of our respondents such as organization size and segment.

They Say

What They Say

Research with Agency Leaders, for Agency Leaders

Audience Audit's new research series with agency leaders is a perfect complement to the annual Agency Edge study of agency clients they do with AMI. What a great way to see both sides of the relationship! This study is a DON'T MISS for agency leaders.

DREW MCLELLAN, CEO OF agency management institute

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